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Applied Acoustics Systems

Applied Acoustics Systems was founded in 1998 and is based in Montreal, Canada. They are the creators of the innovative Tassman and Lounge Lizard virtual instruments. Both instruments have been given high acclaim from many professional artists and some of Hollywood's A-List composers.

Pop Rocks for Strum GS-2 by AAS

Pop Rocks


Sound Bank for Strum GS-2
Also includes the free AAS Player (for use without Strum)

download $39.00 $39 Pop Rocks

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Pop Rocks — Strum GS-2 Sound Pack by Christian Laffitte

Resident sound designer Christian Laffitte presents the new Pop Rocks sound bank for Strum GS-2. Pop Rocks is a fun collection that pumps out pop-infused acoustic and electric guitar tones and loops. Full of groove, punch, and excitement, you can think of it as a toolbox for your writing arsenal. Pop Rocks packs 12 popular styles, 68 presets, and 84 strumming patterns playable with your own chord progressions. By combining Strum GS-2's Guitar, Keyboard, and Loop modes along with preset variations, all of your guitar parts are covered. Whether it's for a lead sound or for doubling takes, the core elements are there to add character and provide a more organic sound to your song arrangement. Pop Rocks helps turn Strum GS-2 into your ultimate session guitarist at the service of your creative mind.

This is the first of a coming line of Sound Packs for Strum GS-2.

Christian Laffitte is a French musician and sound designer based in the south of France. He has been developing sounds for Dream, Arturia, Zoom, Applied Acoustics Systems, M-Audio, and Avid to name a few. He also composed music for Sony video games trailers and music for French TV channels and radio stations. As a keyboard player with a great interest in synthesis and new technologies, Christian Laffitte has put all his passion for music and sounds into creating Wejaam: a free music sequencer for smartphones and tablets

The 68 presets of Pop Rocks

  • Kool Lead
  • Kool Flanger
  • Kool Rhythm Left
  • Kool-Wha Wha
  • Kool Rhythm Right
  • Kool Acoustic Rhythm
  • Island Lead
  • Island Left
  • Island Right
  • Island Chorus
  • Island Phaser
  • Island Acoustic Rhythm
  • Westworld Lead
  • Westworld-Phaser
  • Westworld Acoustic Rhythm
  • Westworld Wha Wha
  • Weekend Lead
  • Westworld Rhythm Left
  • Westworld Rhythm Right
  • Weekend Flanger
  • Weekend Wha Wha
  • Weekend Amplifier
  • Weekend Tremolo
  • Weekend Acoustic Rhythm
  • Ustars Lead
  • Ustars Flanger
  • Ustars Amplifier
  • Ustars Rhythm Left
  • Ustars Rhythm Right
  • Ustars Acoustic
  • Tresor Lead
  • Tresor Rhythm Left
  • Tresor Rhythm Right
  • Tresor Flanger
  • Tresor Wha Wha
  • Tresor Spring Fx


  • Park Lead
  • Park Overdrive
  • Park Rhythm Left
  • Park Rhythm right
  • Park Chorus
  • Park Tremolo
  • Park Acoustic Rhythm
  • Beatz Lead
  • Beatz Chorus
  • Beatz Flanger
  • Beatz Rhythm Left
  • Beatz Rhythm Right
  • Beatz Acoustic Rhythm
  • Princestar Lead
  • Princestar Rhythm Left
  • Princestar Rhythm Right
  • Princestar Phaser
  • Princestar Flanger
  • Princestar Acoustic Rhythm
  • Smooth Lead
  • Smooth Rhythm Left
  • Smooth Rhythm Right
  • Smooth Chorus
  • Smooth Amplifier
  • Smooth Acoustic Rhythm
  • Smooth Tremolo
  • Session Lead
  • Session Chorus
  • Session Flanger
  • Session Rhythm Left
  • Session Rhythm Right
  • Session Acoustic


Strum GS-2 or the AAS Player (included) are required

MAC minimum system requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.7 or later
  • Intel Core processor or later
  • 512 MB of RAM
  • 70 MB of free hard drive space
  • 1024 x 768 screen resolution
  • Built-in audio interface
  • Mac OS X-compatible MIDI interface/keyboard

Mac compatibility

  • AU, VST, RTAS, and AAX Native
  • Audio Unit plug-in hosts (see restrictions below)
  • Mac OS X-compatible audio interface

Mac Audio Unit (32-bit/64-bit) compatibilty

  • Apple Garageband 1.1 or later
  • Apple Logic 7.1 or later
  • Ableton Live 8 or later
  • Audiofile Engineering Rax
  • MOTU Digital Performer 6 or later
  • Cockos Reaper 3.1 or later

Mac non-compatibilty

  • Native Instruments Kore 2

PC minimum system requirements

  • Windows XP SP2 32-bit or Windows Vista/7 32-bit/64-bit
  • Intel Pentium III 1 GHz or equivalent processor
  • 512 MB of RAM
  • 70 MB of free hard drive space
  • 1024 x 768 screen resolution
  • Windows-compatible audio interface
  • Windows-compatible MIDI interface/keyboard

PC compatibility

  • VST, RTAS, and AAX Native 32-bit/64-bit plug-in hosts
  • ASIO, WDM, DirectSound audio drivers

Q: Can I use this AAS Player Sound Bank without Strum GS-2?
A: Yes! While these presets were designed for Strum GS-2, they also come with the AAS Player, which is a free plug-in instrument for VST, RTAS, and Audio Units.

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