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String Studio VS-3
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String Studio VS-3 - String Modeling Synthesizer w/String Theory Soundpack


VTS2, VST3, AU, AAX Native, NKS, STANDALONE, (Mac/Win), 32/64-bit support

Download Free Trial: OSX : XP/Vista/7/8

download $199.00 String Studio VS-3

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EM Editor's Choice Award

One-of-a-Kind Oscillating String Synthesizer

String Studio VS-3 provides a truly distinctive sonic signature thanks to collection of unique string oscillators.

String Oscillators
Consisting of picks, bows, hammers, fingers, frets, and dampers, the string oscillators offer a unique blend of modern and creative synthesis.

Bowed String Oscillator Plucked String Oscillator Hammered String Oscillator

Classic Architecture
Augmented with classic filters, envelope, LFO, soundboard, and studio-quality effects, String Studio VS-3 offers a terrific balance between innovation and familiarity.

Multi-Effects Galore
String Studio VS-3 has an abundance of effects in three independent racks. Reverb, delay, distortion, phaser, chorus, flanger, filters, equalizer, compressor, guitar amplifier, tremolo—all put the final polish on a sound.

Per-Sound MIDI Controlled Variations
String Studio VS-3 now boasts two performance modulators per layer that respond to user-defined MIDI controls. Each and every library sound features effect and morphing assignments that can be played in real time for enhanced expression and sonic dimension.

Everything You Need From Start to Finish
With 800+ professionally crafted presets covering all the synthesizer sound categories, String Studio VS-3 has an enormous palette of unique sounds you can use to create an entire production.

800+ Professionally crafted presets
The 800+ sounds of String Studio VS-3 form a coherent whole with consistent gain-staging, unity-gain effects, better dynamics, and compelling per-sound MIDI controlled variations. We went to great lengths to create the perfect sound library for String Studio VS-3.

22 Top sound designers
We've assembled a team of 22 talented sound designers including: Ben Crosland, Benoit Charland, Carsten Schmid, Christian Halten, Christian Laffitte, Daniel Stawczyk, Deadbeat, Eric Thibeault, Erik Putrycz, Gautam, Glen Darcey, Harm Visser, JDG, Jean-Christophe Utz, Martin Walker, Paul Haslinger, Philippe Derogis, Richard Devine, Sean Divine, Simeon Amburgey, Thiago Pinheiro, and Vincent Gagnon.

22 Synthesizer sound categories
String Studio VS-3 reveals its depth by covering 22 sound categories—basses, percussions, effects, impacts, noises, sweeps, clavinets, keys, organs, bells, mallets, guitars, plucks, strings, leads, pads, arpeggios, layers, rhythmics, sequences, splits, and textures.

We have streamlined String Studio and brought it to a whole new level—it will change your perspective on what a synthesizer can be.

NEW Two-Voice Multitimbral
String Studio VS-3 combines two independent timbres—either stacked or split—to create performance-friendly, texture-rich, and spacious sounds that are sure to impress.

NEW Modulators
String Studio VS-3 now boasts two performance modulators per layer that respond to user-defined MIDI controls. Each and every sound features effect and morphing assignments that can be played in real time for enhanced expression and sonic dimension.

Refreshed Factory Library
A long and fastidious process of fine-tuning took place at AAS headquarters. Each and every sound was scrutinized by every team members to insure consistent gain-stages, unity-gain effects, better dynamics, and compelling real-time sound transformation assignments.

NEW Signature Sound Packs
String Studio VS-3 ships with four brand-new signature sound packs created by the industry’s top sound designers. Richard Devine, Christian Laffitte, Thiago Pinheiro, and Daniel Stawczyk teamed up to make the most of the latest String Studio VS-3 features. It’s with great pride that we present these 227 new sounds.

NEW Browser
String Studio VS-3’s improved sound browser presents a simple way to find the sound you’re looking for. String Studio VS-3 sorts sounds by category to present an overview of a soundpack’s content. Additionally, shortcuts to categories and tone qualities provide a quick way to jump to the right sound.

IMPROVED Filter's Musicality
String Studio VS-3’s filters can now handle extreme modulation while remaining musical.

Compatible with String Studio VS-2 sounds
Simply copy String Studio VS-2 banks in String Studio VS-3’s packs folder to convert them.

IMPROVED Microtonal tunings via Scala scale files
String Studio VS-3 now supports the Scala scale file format as well as reference note frequency tuning for microtonal performance.

EXPANDED Multi-Effects Module
String Studio VS-3’s multi-effects module now sports reverb, equalizer, compressor, and guitar amplifier processors for even more creative sound processing control! 

AAS Sound Bank collections add tremendous value to String Studio. Load them into the program, or use them standalone with the included AAS Player. Created by renowned sound designers, they can be used as they are or as jumping off points to create your own sounds.

String Theory

Resident sound designer Adam Pietruszko unleashes Fear Within—a collection of 100 presets stretching the soundscape limits of String Studio VS-3. Fear Within tingles your spine with the whole gamut of uneasy ambiances, grisly melodic keys, immersive pads, suspenseful percussion, and downright creepy noises. The masterfully crafted modulator effects widen the scope of this obsessively detailed sound pack by multiplying the sonic reach of each sound. Whether you need to give a dangerous edge to your track or to unapologetically scare the hell out of your audience, Fear Within will hit the mark. 

download $39 Fear Within

String Theory

With String Theory, Adam Pietruszko takes meticulous advantage of String Studio VS-3's two-voice multitimbrality and MIDI-controlled sound variations features to deliver rich, complex, and refined sounds. From strings to a wide selection of basses, leads, plucks, pads, and keys, with tonal qualities ranging from acoustic, through electric, up to far-out synthetic, String Theory forms a sweeping collection that will tackle any musical genres with ease. And with presets notes, Adam Pietruszko shares a tremendous amount of insight about synthesis as well as expert information to take full advantage of String Studio VS-3’s capabilities. 

download $39 String Theory Sound Pack

Stranger Strings

Stranger Strings showcases an eclectic collection of 104 "mix-ready" presets that touches rock, pop, industrial, movie soundtracks, hip hop, trap as well as EDM. Made with performance in mind, these sounds morph and change based on your playing and sensibility—they go far beyond their description. With plenty of arpeggiators, leads, deep basses, or oneshot sound effects, layering your tracks with Stranger Strings brings a fresh air to your music. As the main voice on your mix, or as rhythmic textures, Stranger Strings can be the finishing touch you're looking for. 

download $39 Stranger Strings Sound Pack

Harmonic Geometry

AAS is proud to announce another amazing sound bank for String Studio VS-2—Masala! Christian Laffitte returns to the sound design kitchen with his second AAS Sound Bank Series, Masala. Not just a mere collection of random sounds, Masala is an entirely new ensemble of instruments that will inspire your sense of discovery. These instruments are light and responsive to the touch and full of inspiration, with organic sounds that bounce,and sizzle. Their timbres seem to come from nowhere and everywhere—an adventurous mélange of tastes and flavors. 

download $39 Masala Sound Bank

Harmonic Geometry

Applied Acoustics Systems has released Aftermath, a sound bank for the String Studio VS-2 synthesizer and AAS Player plug-ins in collaboration with musician and sound designer Daniel Stawczyk.  Sound designer Daniel Stawczyk returns with Aftermath, a 149-preset collection for AAS' string modeling synthesizer. Harnessing String Studio VS-2’s distinctive algorithms the bank revisits familiar synthesizer categories—bass, chords and stabs, gated sounds, leads, pads, and plucks—with a fresh, expressive, yet edgy perspective. The set rounds out nicely with 49 ultra-payable special effect instruments that evoke hyperrealism, orchestral annihilation, and dystopian consequences. 

download $39 Aftermath Sound Bank

Harmonic Geometry

With Harmonic Geometry, Richard Devine explores all of String Studio VS-2's facets. In his distinctive style, Richard brings us elaborate timbral perspectives and intricate textural spaces using the many shapes and forms of String Studio VS-2. These ingenious sound sculptures materialize into an eclectic collection spanning modern sci-fi territories, ambiences, surprising percussion, resonant vibrational effects, and exotic instruments. Harmonic Geometry comprises 130 presets, divided into eight categories: Pad, Effect, Arpeggiator, Plucked, Synth, Keys, Percussion, and Ambient.

download $39 Harmonic Geometry Sound Bank

Frontier Frontier is sound designer Daniel Stawczyk new collection of dazzling sounds inspired by the cool and fiery depths of space and built on the String Studio modeling platform. The 130 presets shine with arpeggiated, gated, lead, keyboard, plucked, effect, and synth categories that lend themselves to both atmospheric and dense textures, a great variety of uses, yet all with a futuristic and enigmatic approach to sound creation

download $39 Frontier Sound Bank

Journeys Journeys is master sound designer Gregory Simpson's endeavor on sounds that evoke the essence of other times, places, or cultures. Indeed, this collection will get you travelling from the ancient centuries to modern times, from Asia to Africa, and everything in between. All that with the intrinsic acoustic quality of String Studio as your passport.

download $39 Journeys Sound Bank

Entangled Species Entangled Species grants exclusive access to the beloved tools, inspirational encounters, and living sounds of composer David Kristian. This organic collection of arpeggiators, pads, loopers, synthesizers, keyboards, noises, and sound effects shall evolve as a natural extension of the sonic inventory of anyone into electro-acoustic, ambient, and film music arrangements. And with String Studio VS-1 as your middleman, these sounds are just a few tweaks away to become your own.

download $39 Entangled Species Sound Bank

Minimum System Requirements

String Studio VS-3 is compatible with nearly all DAWs.

Mac minimum system requirements*
– Mac OS X 10.7 or later
– Intel Core i5 (circa 2012) processor or faster
– 64-bit DAW

PC minimum system requirements*
– Windows 7 64-bit or later
– Intel Core i5 (circa 2012) processor or faster
– 64-bit DAW

*The minimum system requirements mentioned above are for standalone usage. For plug-in usage, please refer to your DAW software requirements (Sonar, Pro Tools, Cubase, Live, Digital Performer, Logic Pro, etc.).

Len Sasso, Electric Musician
“String Studio delivers a variety of convincing stringed-instruments emulations, but that's not its real charm. It offers a huge sound palette, as its generous preset library attests. The library is spread across 17 categories, most named after stringed instruments, but the presets in those categories range from emulations to strange instrument hybrids to unstable sounds that you won't find in nature.”


Robert P. Oleysyck, Remix
“[String Studio] VS-1 is an exciting and powerful tool that goes beyond the realistic simulation of string instruments and puts forth a new approach to sound design by giving new meaning to the word virtual.”


Craig Anderton, Keyboard
“Being able to create the kind of unique sounds String Studio produces will more then justify the bucks to people who like the sonic equivalent of white-water rafting. I give a lot of points to software capable of creating sounds that cause heads to turn.”


Martin Walker, Sound On Sound
“With practice, String Studio can provide some incredibly realistic virtual versions when we have to play in the parts via MIDI, but for me its most exciting aspect is the ability to create new monophonic and polyphonic stringed instruments that sound believable, react to your playing technique like acoustic equivalents, and can be pushed in directions that no other synth can emulate.”
“You could download the demo version, skim through its presets and not be particularly impressed, but once you start playing this instrument seriously and experience the realistic way it responds to your performance (and particularly once you involve MIDI controllers), you'll be hooked. This is a unique synth that sounds like nothing else on the market.”


Guy Sigsworth, Frou Frou member and Madonna, Björk, Britney Spears, and Lamb producer
“I think String Studio is a great way to bring Physical Modeling to the masses. It gives you enough options to get creative fast, but not so many you wind up losing your girlfriend and your social life! Eric sent me the beta, I tweaked a clavichord patch—which captures the "key release" sound of a real clavichord with surprising accuracy—and immediately played it onto a new Britney Spears tune I'm currently producing.”
“There's just something about the way physical models like these behave under your fingers—how they respond to variations in dynamics and so forth—that's really special. You feel as if your playing is really shaping what you hear in the unique moment of performance. Cleverly crossfaded sample programs, even with gigabytes of ram, never feel quite like this—although, of course, they have their uses.”


Harm Visser, Sound Designer, HV Synth Design
“I think that the String Studio is a big step forward in the field of physically modeled musical instruments.”
“As a simple example: when you hit a guitar string softly, the string doesn't bounce on the fret. But when you hit it harder, it does, which causes that typical side-effect sound that you hear when a guitarist is playing. There are real interactions between the different parts of a stringed instrument, and with String Studio you can simulate those string scattering-phenomena!”
“I also want to mention the string behavior in relation to the excitation (picks, bows, and hammers). With String Studio, you can't set the number of vibration modes, like in Tassman. But this is simply not necessary because the settings of the excitation (stiffness, damping, velocity, etc.) make the modes of vibrations—as in the real world!”
“To keep it short, String Studio allows you to play and feel an instrument instead of triggering the right sample at the right moment. It's difficult to look into the future. But it won't surprise me that there will be a moment where our instrument collection includes a Brass Studio, a Woodwind Studio, a Percussion Studio…”


Electronic Musician
“Virtual-instrument developer Applied Acoustics Systems has made tremendous contributions to the field of physical-modeling software, beginning with Tassman, its flagship modular synth. In 2005, the Canadian company introduced String Studio VS-1, a multiformat plug-in and standalone synth that simulates practically any instrument with strings: violins, guitars, basses, pianos, clavs, harps, sitars, shamiens, and even a few that don't exist in the real world. Among hundreds of included presets are unique pads, unusual sound effects, and amazing digital-synth arpeggios that other software can't touch. The sound is so organic that you might never know you were listening to a software instrument.”
“Want to pluck piano strings mounted on a violin body with pickups and then process the sound through chorus and distortion? Now you can do that. String Studio VS-1 reproduces all the acoustical nuances of vibrating strings, soundboards, pickups, frets, and all the other details that make up stringed instruments, giving you control over parameters such as intonation, vibrato, body type, damper type, and whether motion is initiated by a bow, pick, or hammer. You also get effects such as chorus and delay, an arpeggiator with programmable patterns, and an audio recorder to capture your performances. Put all the elements together, and String Studio VS-1 delivers a timbral palette and advanced capabilities you won't find anywhere else.”


Mike Hillier, Music Tech
“An expressive synth with a well designed and easy-to-learn interface. String Studio VS-1 is at its best generating organic synth sounds that bring lead and bass lines to life.”


Jake Wherry, The Herbaliser
“Well, just when I thought these guys couldn't out do themselves, they go and do it! From analogue Solina style strings to completely new and original sounds, they are all to be found under the bonnet of String Studio! Another great product from a great software company.”


Paul Haslinger, Tangerine Dream member and film composer for Underworld, The Italian Job, Blue Crush, Minority Report, and many more
“String Studio inspires to write new music for new times. I am particularly happy about the marriage between intricate modeling detail and regular synth-control features, like filters and arpeggiators. And while it is a wonderful replicator of sounds of traditional string instruments, the real potential in my view are the unlimited possibilities of creating "impossible string sounds"—render the sound of your imagination into sonic reality.”


Glen Darcey, Sound Designer/Synth Programmer, Creative License Media Group
“I'm very impressed with String Studio. For me, the most interesting part of it is the ability to create unique sounds, instruments, and fx in a non-traditional way. It's much more than something to make clavichord, harp, or guitar sounds. The models allow you to push any of the parameters further than you probably could in the real world. This allows you to make unreal, unworldly sounds, ones you won't get from a regular subtractive synth or sampler. Also, the ability to assign any of the parameters to be controlled by MIDI modulation sources adds to the playability of the instruments you create. I've only scratched the surface of this instrument so far but I see the potential this has for making some wild sounds.”


Martin Walker, Musician and Sound On Sound PC Columnist
“Although AAS' String Studio VS-1 can produce lots of realistic traditional stringed instruments, you can also persuade it to play ethereal pads, unusual textures, and lots of other-worldly sounds, all with subtle expressive abilities that you couldn't get from any sample+synth based instrument.”


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