Deskew Technologies

Deskew Technologies, LLC, is a company founded by people who are both software developers and serious musicians. The Gig Performer project was started in the summer of 2015 as an effort to address the shortcomings of previously available products and to bring the functionality of several different applications into one streamlined product.

Gig Performer
Gig Performer

Welcome to Gig Performer

Take your favorite plug-ins on the road! Gig Performer is the most bulletproof, flexible, easy to use, and CPU friendly plug-in host on the market. Created by brilliant musician-engineers and road-tested on countless gigs, Gig Performer thrives on stage. Whether you’re a keyboard player with a huge virtual piano-synth rig, a guitar player with multiple massive effects racks, or a front of house engineer running sound through an array of compressors and EQs, Gig Performer makes it all happen.

download Gig Performer for OSX $149.00
download Gig Performer for Windows $149.00
download Gig Performer Bundle for OSX and Windows $199.00


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