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Get your Vienna Instruments Collections, Vienna Special Editions, or Spectrasonics, and Synthogy products pre-installed and delivered to you.

Call Us! (800) 747-4546 if you have questions or want to order by phone. You can also purchase your option below.
Please allow 24 hours for shipment.

Note: Once drive is added to your cart, any applicable software you add to the same order will be included on the drive. Exceptions apply. Read below for details.

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G-TIP Vienna Hard Drive

Glyph Hard Drive

Recommended for:

  • Pre-installation of all Vienna Symphonic Library products (excluding Single Download Instruments), or Spectrasonics, and Synthogy products.
  • 2 TB Plug-n-Play - sounds can be streamed directly from disk
  • No need to download files
  • Three year hard drive warranty, Two year Level 1 data recovery, One year advance replacement covered by Glyph.
  • Can be connected to fast, eSATA, USB 3, or Firewire 800 port
  • Glyph USB 3.0 cable, Glyph FireWire 800 cable, IEC Power Cable included

Vienna Hard Drive

Recommended for:

  • Exclusively for installation of Vienna Instruments Collections
  • 2 TB storage of samples for later installation/use
  • No need to download files
  • Small footprint (portable drive)
  • Can be powered by 2 USB ports (no power supply needed)
  • All needed cables included


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