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Analog Meltdown

Analog Meltdown


CD-ROM (basses and grooves)
Akai and Roland

$199 Akai

$199 Kurzweil

Classic Synths Get Radioactive

Here's a new twist on your average synth library. Designed, engineered, blown up and re-animated by mad programmer Kevin Wakefield, Analog Meltdown has the brains of one synth and the body of another. Wakefield adds an array of mod wheels, faders, breath controllers and pedals to each program, making this one of the most playable synth libraries you'll ever get your hands on.

The sounds are wild and freakish, clamorous and whimsical. They have a unique personality, unpretentious and in-your-face. No innocuous pads awash in reverb, no blatant attempts to sound like a string orchestra or brass section, Analog Meltdown is truly the "Edward Scissorhands" of sample libraries, unusual perhaps, but it slices through your mixes with razor sharp precision and confidence.

To categorize all the sounds would be a challenge, but there is a wide assortment of textures including stunning leads, power pads, FM (no really, it's FM!), plucky sounds, sweeps, bubbly effects, stellar grand prix, electro-shock treatments, sci-fi weapons and transporters, stingers and resonators, and as you might expect, much, much more. These are all active sounds, designed to be featured and loud, having been blessed with cut-through clarity and depth.

We urge caution however, when handling the contents of this disc. Be prepared to alter the course of your creativity due to the unpredictable effect of these sounds on your psyche. Analog Meltdown is a real adventure in electro-magnetic experimentation!

Jordan Rudess
"Analog Meltdown not only captures the integrity of Analog synthesis but also the magic of the technology. This disc gives you all the analog sounds you remember, plus a grand assortment of amazing material that would have never been possible until now."


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