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SCULPTUBE - Tube Harmonics

By Overloud

AU, VST, AAX64, Standalone (Mac/Win)
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The SCULPTUBE processor is dedicated to adding valve-produced harmonics to your sound. It creates authentic tube coloration that ranges from slightly warmed-up tones to heavy distortions.

Here are some of the amazing features SCULPTUBE has to offer:

  • Hyper-realistic simulation of tube warming/distortion, thanks to Overloud's 4th generation DSP technology
  • Triode and Pentode simulation
  • Tube biasing control
  • Built-in EQ and parallel processing to sculpt the tone
  • Low CPU usage: More than 1,500 instances on a Macbook Pro Retina
  • Multilevel Undo-Redo
  • A/B Comparison
  • Scribble Strips: Take notes anywhere on the plugin panel
  • Meter Calibration: Calibrate the VU meters at 4 different sensitivities

Overloud's SCULPTUBE is an incredibly versatile tool and will let you build a wide variety of analog tones. You can warm up tracks with analog coloration, create tube distortion, and excite your sound by adding natural tube harmonics. By adjusting the drive and bias of the tubes, SCULPTUBE recreates amazing analog tones so you can control the amount of distortion to fit your sound. And with three different tube configurations, SCULPTUBE allows you to get the warm, rich analog sound your tracks need.

The magic of tube biasing

The Bias knob controls the amount of current through the tubes.

  • At low current the tubes are under-biased and the sound is inclined to be thinner and break up easily.
  • At medium current settings SCULPTUBE distorts the least, perfect if you just want to warm up a sound.
  • At high current, the tubes are over-fed and the tone becomes fat and rich.

Three tones in one processor

Overloud SCULPTUBE is an incredibly versatile tool to help you build a wide variety of analog tones

Warm UP—With mild Drive settings you can recreate an authentic analog coloration to individual tracks or mixes. Distort—SCULPTUBE can be used to overdrive the input and recreate different kinds of tube distortions, including Triode and Pentode curves. Excite—Thanks to SCULPTUBE's built-in EQ and parallel processor, Excite will revive your tracks by adding natural harmonics in the upper-end of the frequency spectrum.

3 tube configurations at your fingertips


There are 3 settings for distortion type:

  • Program 0 (Triode) creates the typical musical effect found with triode valves, with very rich 2nd harmonic distortion. Good for warming up a sound.
  • Program 1 (Pentode) creates a Pentode distortion, with prevailing odd harmonics which makes the sound more aggressive while retaining that classic valve character.
  • Program 2 (Special) is obtained using an unusual way of configuring the valve, which gives an extra octave at higher bias settings.


Apple System Compatibility
AudioUnits, RTAS (ProTools), AAX64 (ProTools 10, 11, 12) and VST plugins, as well as a standalone application.
Both 32bit and 64bit are natively supported.
You may authorize up to three computers that you own (no hardware key needed).

Apple System Requirements
Macintosh® Intel® Core Duo™ 1.6GHz with 2Gb of RAM, 1280x800 video.
Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and above are supported.

Windows System Compatibility
Available as VST, RTAS (ProTools) and AAX64 (ProTools 10, 11, 12) plugins, as well as a standalone application.
32bit and 64bit are natively supported.
You may authorize up to three computers that you own (no hardware key needed).

Windows System Requirements
Intel Core i3 1.4GHz with 4Gb of RAM, 1280x800 video.
Windows® Vista, Windows 7, 8, and 10 are supported.

We recommend you listen with a good pair of headphones or speakers to hear the full effect of SCULPTUBE!


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