Sonic Reality

Sonic Reality

For over 10 years the team at Sonic Reality has been sampling, programming and developing sound libraries for a number of highly successful music companies and recording artists. You'll see their programmer's names on many critically acclaimed CD ROM sound libraries, keyboard products and hit records.

American Heartland

American Heartland

By Sonic Reality


$199 Akai

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If you need a resource for all things acoustic, then you won't want to miss this library. American Heartland is a tour through the backroads of American culture, overflowing with a variety of earthy stringed, wind and percussion instruments.

You'll get Mandolin, Moutain Dulcimer, Dobro Slide, Pedal Steel, Banjo, Harmonicas, Pump Organ, Upright Bass, Tack Piano, Drums and more! This disc has lots of multi-sampled notes and chords plus some tasteful licks as well to add a little cross-country flavor to your music. Perfect for that "unplugged" sound as well as for Folk, Rock, Country, AAA, Blues, commercials, soundtracks, or wherever that old country road takes you.

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