Sonic Reality

Sonic Reality

For over 10 years the team at Sonic Reality has been sampling, programming and developing sound libraries for a number of highly successful music companies and recording artists. You'll see their programmer's names on many critically acclaimed CD ROM sound libraries, keyboard products and hit records.

Modern Songwriter

Modern Songwriter

By Sonic Reality

Akai Universal

$149 Akai Universal (compatible with software samplers)

Your Sampler’s Swiss Army Knife.

Modern Songwriter is a complete sonic toolkit of acoustic and electric pianos, pads, strings, basses, synthesizers, brass, guitar, drums, beatboxes, percussion, and organs to inspire your next big hit! The sounds are easily accessible for fast creative performance.

Special features include virtual rhythm guitars that can be strummed in any key and any tempo with a wide variety of chords. Extra "in between" guitar performance elements like note/chord stops, fret slides and other sounds are mapped for use with all the chords when used in MIDI omni mode.

Plenty of GM mapped drum kits and percussion make it simple to swap sets within your songs. Silky pads, a huge variety of classic and synthesized electric pianos, deep basses and a wide variety of musical instruments and effects are packed onto this high performance collection.

An indispensable tool for songwriters, composers, R&B artists, producers and anyone looking for a wide variety of instruments available from just one affordable disc. A great starting point for new sampler owners and a terrific addition to the professional’s arsenal of killer drums, shimmering bells, vocal textures and other inspirational sounds. Produced by Dave Kerzner.

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