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Based in Los Altos, California, Sonoma Wire Works develops high-quality, innovative software and hardware products and services that help musicians enjoy playing, recording and sharing music on Mac OS, Windows, iOS and Android. By combining intuitive interfaces and unique workflows, Sonoma's products enhance the user's ability to create great-sounding music.

DrumCore 4 Holiday Savings
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Save on DrumCore 4 Lite and Prime Link!

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download $49 $49 DrumCore 4 Lite (Download) (Mac/PC)

download $249 $249 DrumCore 4 Prime Link (Download) (Mac/PC)

$49.99 iLok Key (optional)

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What does DrumCore 4 Lite include?

What does DrumCore 4 Prime Link include?

Pro Drums for Songwriters

DrumCore 4 is the ultimate producer/songwriter toolkit for drums. Featuring a growing library of audio loops and corresponding MIDI loops by world-famous drummers and percussionists, DrumCore 4 will be the core of your rhythmic inspiration for years to come.

DrumCore 4 is a new and improved upgrade of the award winning DrumCore 3 plug-in drum instrument with stereo 24 bit audio loops and MIDI recordings of inspiring performances by hit-proven drummers, plus the ability to expand the content by adding audio loops, MIDI loops and drum kits using the store in DrumCore. Now a 64-bit VST3/AAX/AU plug-in, DrumCore 4 Lite has an improved interface and several highly anticipated features. It's the perfect toolkit for songwriters, composers, musicians and producers. Simply drag and drop grooves to tracks in most Mac OS and Windows music software. It easily integrates with most popular recording applications on Mac OS and Windows.

Audio and MIDI Loops and Sampled Drum Kits

DrumCore 4 Lite contains: 4 GB of grooves and kits, including 24 GrooveSets (1,400 audio loops and 800 MIDI loops) based on live performances by 13 celebrity drummers. The MIDI loops can be used to trigger the included 11 multi-velocity sampled drum kits. Can't find the perfect MIDI loop? Program your own MIDI loop on the DrumCore 4 Lite instrument track to take full advantage of its sounds and effects.

DrumCore 4 Prime Link contains: 20 GB of grooves and kits, including 160 GrooveSets (10,000 audio loops and 2,000 MIDI loops) by 17 drummers, and 100 multi-velocity sampled kits. Same grooves and kits as its predecessor, DrumCore 3. The plug-in is available as a download. Grooves and kits are either downloaded from the DrumCore 4 Browser for new customers, or migrated from KitCore or DrumCore 2.5/3 for upgrade customers.*

Kit View Mixer

Using the new Kit View, you can mix, apply effects, and create whole new kits using individual kit pieces from the 100 included kits. Matt Sorum's unmistakable snare with Terence Higgins' thunderous kick drum? The choice is yours.

Totally Expandable

Need more grooves and kits? DrumCore 4 contains an online store built directly into the plugin which allows you to purchase and download even more GrooveSets and sampled kits from an ever growing online collection. DrumCore 4 Lite starts you off with enough audio and MIDI loops and drum kits to get you started, then you have access to preview and purchase all of the same material found in DrumCore 4 Prime, DrumCore 4 Ultra, and more in the online store. Customize your collection!


  • Audio Loops + MIDI
    Audio loop collection and sampled drum kits in a AAX/VST3/AU plug-in. DrumCore gives you the realism of stereo 24 bit 48 kHz recorded audio performances and the versatility of MIDI. Tempo-stretchable. Export as WAV or MIDI.
  • Groove Browser
    Find grooves based on Style and Feel (1/8th, Shuffle, etc.).
  • Drum Kits
    Layer sounds and grooves on different tracks, mix and match kit sounds (snare, kick, etc.), retune them and modify individual sounds, or process/mix drum groups using the Kit Mixer.
  • New in DrumCore 4
    • Improved interface
    • 64-bit compatibility
    • Updated plug-in formats (AAX/VST3/AU)
    • Mixer view with insert effects
    • Multi Out Routing
    • Sort by Time Signature, Feel, and specific instrument sound types
    • Song timeline for assembling loops
    • Integrated online store
    • User interface zooming

DrumCore 4 Lite and Prime Link are only available as a download.

*Compatibility is subject to change. You must have Administrator Access on your computer to install DrumCore 4.


Minimum Hardware

  • Compatible DAWs (64-bit only)*
    • Avid® Pro Tools® 11 and 12 (AAX) (Mac/Win)
    • Apple® Logic Pro® 9 and X (AU) (Mac)
    • Apple® GarageBand® 10 (AU) (Mac)
    • Steinberg® Cubase® 5 and 6 (Win), 7, 8 and 8.5** (Mac/Win) (VST3)
    • PreSonus® Studio One® 2 and 3 Professional (AU Mac/VST3 Win)
    • Ableton® Live® 9 (AU) (Mac)
    • MOTU® Digital Performer™ 8 and 9 (AU) (Mac)
    • Cakewalk® Sonar® X3 (VST3) (Win)
    • Cockos REAPER 5 (VST3/AU) (Mac/Win)
    • Acoustica Mixcraft 8 (VST3) (Win)
    • Tracktion T7 (VST3/AU) (Mac/Win)
    • Others TBD
  • Mac®
    • Mac OS X 10.8.5 (Mountain Lion), 10.9 (Mavericks), 10.10 (Yosemite), 10.11 (El Capitan)**
    • Intel® Core™ Duo processor (Intel Core 2 Duo or Core i3 or better recommended)
    • 2 GB RAM (4 GB or more recommended)
  • Windows®
    • Windows 7 x64 SP1, Windows 8 x64***
    • Intel Core Duo or AMD Athlon™ X2 processor (Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon X4 or better recommended)
    • 2 GB RAM (4 GB or more recommended)
  • Both Mac and Windows Systems
    • Internet connection for activation and downloading content
    • Monitor with 1280x768 resolution
    • Minimum 200 MB free hard-drive space to install plug-in
    • Content space requirements are as follows:
      • DrumCore 4 Lite - Minimum 5 GB free hard drive space (10 GB for installation)
      • DrumCore Prime Link - Minimum 25 GB free hard drive space (50 GB for installation)

*Compatibility is subject to change. You must have Administrator Access on your computer to install DrumCore 4.

**Many users report success using DrumCore 4 with Mac OS 10.11 (El Capitan) using these DAWs (Logic Pro X, GarageBand 10, Pro Tools 12.3 and 12.4, Cubase 8.0.3 through 8.5, and Ableton Live 9.2.2 through 9.6), but further testing is needed before we can recommend it. If your DAW is not listed in this paragraph, please consult your manufacturer’s documentation for more information regarding compatibility before upgrading to El Capitan.

***Many users report success using DrumCore 4 with Win 10. Sonoma has no reason to believe DC4 will not work with Win 10, but further internal testing is needed before we can recommend it.


DrumWorks 4 Comparison Chart
Product NameDrumCore 4 Lite
DrumCore 4 Prime Link
DrumCore 4 Prime Flash DrumCore 4 Ultra
New User Price $49$249$249$639
Upgrade Price Call Call Call Call
Availability & Delivery Worldwide:
New: Download or
Upgrade: Migration
New: Download or
Upgrade: Migration
U.S. Only for Now:
USB Flash
U.S. Only for Now:
120 GB USB 3.0
Solid State Drive
Total Content 4 GB 20 GB 20 GB 50 GB
Drummers 13 17 17 17
Drum Kits 11 multi-velocity
sampled kits
104 multi-velocity
sampled kits
104 multi-velocity
sampled kits
139 multi-velocity
sampled kits
GrooveSets24160 160265
Audio Loops1,400 10,000 11,000 22,000
MIDI Loops800 2,000 2,000 3,000
Online Store Yes Yes Yes Yes
MasterFX Yes Yes Yes Yes
Plug-in Formats AAX, VST 3,
AU - 64-bit
AU - 64-bit
AU - 64-bit
AU - 64-bit
Content Format 24-bit, 48 kHz 24-bit, 48 kHz 24-bit, 48 kHz 24-bit, 48 kHz
Tempo-Stretchable Yes Yes Yes Yes
Same Content As KitCore 2 DrumCore 3 DrumCore 3 DrumCore 3 Deluxe

Anthony Gonzalez

Anthony Gonzalez

of M83

Anthony Gonzalez, a.k.a. M83, has won the praise of both critics and the public by releasing music that has been described as moving, tragic, and strangely nostalgic.

"The software (DrumCore) is so handy and so very easy to use! I'm going to use it for my demos. Most of the time I work with real drummers, but because I'm all alone in my studio when I write, I need to start with something. It's very easy and sounds so good; it's very close to having a live drummer with you."

DrumCore 4 - Justin Lassen

Justin Lassen

Remixer, Producer, Composer

"DrumCore is so incredibly easy to use that I can have a concept turn into a completed track in no time in whatever DAW i'm using (Sonar, Acid, etc.). The sound quality of the samples and the MIDI performances allow me to mix and match any style with any drummer. If I want Terry Bozzio to play on Sly Dunbar's drum-kit, done. Whether I'm working on a remix for Lady GaGa, or The Killers or a brand new song all-together, everything I need for percussion and rhythm are right there, in the box. I can even perform in real-time each drumkit and customize any number of ways by mixing kits, samples and performances. No need to mic a drum kit anymore. This is the best of the best for songwriters, remixers and producers who want to work more efficiently."

DrumCore 4 - John Bundrick

John "Rabbit" Bundrick

of The Who

"Rabbit" has been tickling the ivories for The Who for decades now, and continues to write and perform with some of the biggest names in music.

"I am going thru my whole catalogue of songs I've written and replacing all the drums using DrumCore, using the MIDI side of it to play all my MIDI'd drums, and now my songs will have a drummer from DrumCore on the tracks. The MIDI side of DrumCore is the best thing in the world, enablng you to use your drum MIDI files with world class drummer's kit sounds. It makes all the difference in the world to your songs. Unbelievably easy to set up and use. If you need a drummer, and there ain't one in town available, it's because they're all in DrumCore....So get DrumCore and all the drummers will be there waiting for you to strike up the band."

DrumCore 4 - Johnny Rosado

Johnny "Juice" Rosado

of Public Enemy

Known for his skills on the wheels of steel and his beat heavy productions, Johnny Juice has been making audiences move as part of both Public Enemy and X-Vandals.

"DrumCore is my GO TO source for FAT DRUM SOUNDS! Being a drummer and percussionist I can appreciate the incredibly well recorded drum kits. Being a Hip-Hop Producer and DJ I can appreciate the large palette of sounds at my disposal. Being a fan, I'm just LOVING THE SOUNDS! When I'm ready to "Bring The Noise," my tool is DrumCore!"

DrumCore 4 - Carmen Rizzo

Carmen Rizzo

Producer, Remixer, Composer

GRAMMY nominated Carmen Rizzo has worked with some of the biggest names in the business including Seal, Coldplay, Paul Oakenfold, BT, Tiesto, Jem, KD Lang and many others. In addition to his production work, Carmen has released several solo albums and is part of the world music act Niyaz.

"DrumCore makes replacing or programming drums actually fun. Audio loops or Midi, you can create the feel, sound and arrangement you want with no hassles. Easy layout quick to learn. Love it!"

DrumCore 4 - Dave Kushner

Dave Kushner

of Velvet Revolver

Born and raised in LA, Dave Kushner has rock and roll in his veins. A member of Electric Love Hogs, Danzig, and Zilch, Dave has built a reputation for being one of the best rock guitarists and songwriters on the scene today. His current band, Velvet Revovler with former schoolmate Slash from Guns and Roses, has helped bring rock music back into the public eye again. Dave is also known for his work in TV and film, best known for scoring the hit FX channel show "Sons of Anarchy."

"With DrumCore, it sounds great and you don't have to edit it much. You just throw it in there and it sounds great on its own. I've used it both ways, I've dragged audio files straight onto a stereo track and I've programmed the drums with the MIDI sets. It's just really easy to use and it sounds so real which is so hard to find nowadays!"

DrumCore 4 - Chris Stein

Chris Stein

of Blondie

Blondie is one of those great American bands that helped define a generation. Chris Stein, a founding member of Blondie, is an active songwriter and deeply involved with the production of Blondie records.

"I use DrumCore constantly when working on material these days, DrumCore parts shape many of my new music projects"

DrumCore 4 - David Schwartz

David Schwartz

TV and Film Composer

David Schwartz has composed some of the most memorable TV themes of all time including 90210, Deadwood, Arrested Development, and Northern Exposure.

"I really like the different kits in DrumCore. Many times when you're programming drums, you spend all this time, but you haven't gotten the right sound. With DrumCore, you can grab the right sound and work from there. Most of the time I use the audio part of DrumCore to build my track, but sometimes I might find parts too busy or something, so I switch to MIDI and make adjustments. It's very easy to change the tempo, and with the MIDI I can change the tempo quite a bit without it sounding strange. Sometimes I'll use the included MIDI grooves too. Even if you change them a lot, it's a great starting point, and some great feel are in those grooves."

DrumCore 4 - Chris Corner

Chris Corner


A former member of critically acclaimed triphop group "The Sneaker Pimps," Chris Corner has forged a new solo identity as IAMX. Seamlessly blending organic sounds with electronic instrumentation, IAMX's music is raw, dark, and passionate.

"I am a drum snob and I was also skeptical to try new software during the recording process but it (DrumCore) slipped into my setup easily. The navigation and flexibility was great but didn't interest me as much as the sounds. I found them expansive, expressive and of beautiful quality. Deep and full of attitude."

DrumCore 4 - Danny Weinkauf

Danny Weinkauf

of They Might Be Giants

They Might Be Giants are one of the few bands that can do several things extremely well. Known for blending genres, TMBG has had a career that has lasted decades with no sign of slowing in sight. Danny Weinkauf has been a key force in the band, and is also a successful TV/film composer.

"First of all I love Drum Core. A few years ago a friend recommended it to me and I've been using it ever since. I recently needed to re-record a version of one of my TMBG tunes for a museum in Canada so instead of using our drummer I used Drum core and it sounded great! I also use it all the time for tracks for TV and jingles. It's got a great variety of easy to use sounds and beats and that's important when you need to get tracks done quickly."

DrumCore 4 - Midge Ure

Midge Ure

of Ultravox

James "Midge" Ure has enjoyed success playing with bands including Thin Lizzzy, Visage, and most notably Ultravox. In addition, Midge co-wrote "Do They Know It's Christmas?" and co-organized Live Aid and Live 8.

"I find the instant usability of DrumCore absolutely essential when starting a writing project. To have world class drummers who have been recorded in the best studios by the greatest engineers available to you at the drop of a hat is utterly amazing! I am working on the first Ultravox album for 25 years and Drumcore has helped us no end in, not only the writing stage, but all through the recording process. There are some tracks we may even leave Drumtracks on it's so good that we can't bare to replace it! An essential for every musicians arsenal."

DrumCore 4 - Justin Meldal-Johnsen

Justin Meldal-Johnsen

Producer, Bassist, Composer

Throughout Justin's long career, he has worked in practically every genre, and been involved in every aspect of music making. Justin has toured as bassist for Beck and Nine Inch Nails, written songs for his own project Ima Robot, recorded for acts like Tori Amos, Dixie Chicks, and Garbage, co-written with acts like Macy Gray, helped translate songs into a live show for bands like Gnarls Barkley, and most recently, produced a breathtaking new album with M83.

"It's (DrumCore) cool software. We used it to demo all kinds of things. It provided the main groove template for several songs, including "Reunion". Some aspects of it still remain on the record, if memory serves. There were certain percussion things that we attempted to re-play with live percussion, but I think we ended up preferring the DrumCore stuff. If a virtual instrument can sound good and also be really simple to get running, it's a complete winner in my book."

What are the differences between DrumCore 4 Lite, DrumCore 4 Prime Link, DrumCore 4 Prime Flash, and DrumCore 4 Ultra?

DrumCore 4 is an AAX/VST3/AU plug-in instrument with 24-bit audio loops, MIDI loops, multi-velocity sampled drum kits, groove browser, song timeline, mixer, effects and more. Royalty free recordings of celebrity drummers in many styles. Easily integrates with most 64-bit recording software. Each edition below includes the same features, but with varying amounts of content. Additional MIDI and Audio content is available for preview and purchase via the integrated online store.Gone are the days of having to install multiple DVDs and CD-ROMs.

DrumCore 4 Lite ($49): 4 GB of content, including 24 GrooveSets (1,400 audio loops and 800 MIDI loops) by 13 drummers, and 11 multi-velocity sampled kits. Same kits as its predecessor, KitCore. The plug-in is available as a download. Content is either downloaded from the DrumCore 4 Browser for new customers, or migrated from KitCore for upgrade customers.*

DrumCore 4 Prime Link
($249): 20 GB of content, including 160 GrooveSets (11,000 audio loops and 2,000 MIDI loops) by 17 drummers, and 100 multi-velocity sampled kits. Same content as its predecessor, DrumCore 3. The plug-in is available as a download. Content is either downloaded from the DrumCore 4 Browser for new customers, or migrated from KitCore or DrumCore 2.5/3 for upgrade customers.*

DrumCore 4 Prime Flash ($249): Same great content and features as DrumCore 4 Prime Link on a USB 3.0 flash drive. The plug-in and content are available on the drive, providing faster installation for new and upgrade customers.*

DrumCore 4 Ultra ($639): 45 GB of content, including 265 GrooveSets (21,000 audio loops and 3,000 MIDI loops) by 17 drummers, and 139 multi-velocity sampled kits. Includes the same plug-in and content as DrumCore 4 Prime plus additional GrooveSets from 9 celebrity drummers who have played with these artists: Alan White (Yes and John Lennon), John Tempesta (The Cult, Testament, Exodus, White Zombie, Helmet), Lonnie Wilson (Brooks and Dunn, Rascal Flatts, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw), Luis Conte (Madonna and Clapton), Matt Cameron (Soundgarden and Pearl Jam), Matt Sorum (Guns N Roses and Velvet Revolver), Sly Dunbar (Bob Marley), Terry Bozzio (Zappa, UK and Missing Persons), and Zoro (Lenny Kravitz, Bobby Brown, Sean Lennon). Delivered on a silent and fast USB 3.0 Solid State Drive for a great bundle price. Same content as its predecessor, DrumCore 3 Deluxe. While DrumCore 4 Ultra is the largest bundle of DrumCore 4 content you can buy on a drive, more is available in the DrumCore 4 store. The plug-in and content are available on the drive, providing faster installation for new and upgrade customers.*

*Additional GrooveSets and drum kits by even more drummers are available for preview and purchase in the integrated DrumCore 4 online store.

Whichever edition and delivery method you choose, DrumCore 4 now provides more ways of getting the content you need quicker and easier than ever before.

How is DrumCore different from BFD, Battery, and other similar products?

DrumCore content is inventive, surprising and invites you to try musical ideas you wouldn't normally try. Not unlike playing with a great drummer, the DrumCore content library is a lot like accessing the brain of a great player and getting a feel for how they approach a beat. You probably wouldn't have programmed it the way they played it, since we don't all think the same way. Additionally, the roster of celebrity drummers included in DrumCore and DrumCore add-on content features some of the best players on the scene today. Having incredible live performances by the world's best drummers in a simple, easy to use interface makes DrumCore the most flexible drum plug-in on the market.

Easy - DrumCore is refreshingly straightforward, without a steep learning curve, and since no heavy processing is required, you won't peg your computer while creating your rhythm tracks. Songwriters and music for film/television composers (DrumCore's core user base) don't have much time to read manuals and learn everything from the ground up--for that reason, DrumCore is made for users who appreciate simplicity and having great grooves at their fingertips.

Organic Sounding - Because the DrumCore library contains real recordings of real drummers, the sounds are organic in feel, and stand out among other drum products. The way the drummers are recorded is more about their musical genre and style, rather than trying to make the playing and recording process fit into our audio engine requirements (isolation, etc.).

Varied Genres and Sonic Versatility - From blues and reggae to hip-hop and bebop, DrumCore content covers a lot of ground. There's also a whole library of add-on GrooveSets and Kits you can purchase in the embedded store, expand the reach of your content library even more. Available genres include: Acoustic, Afro, Alternative, Big Band, Blues, Country, Disco, Drum & Bass, Folk, Funk, Hip Hop, Jazz, Latin, Metal, New Orleans, Pop, Progressive,Punk, R & B, Reggae, Rock, Shuffle, Ska, Soul, Swing, Urban, Waltz, World

DrumCore Plays Well With Others - The DrumCore 4 plug-in comes in 3 formats: VST3, AAX, and AU making it compatible with most modern DAW programs (see System Requirements), and each Kit is both MIDI-mapped, and customizable, making it easy to use with the external controller of your choice.

Bang-for-the-Buck - Price-wise DrumCore is an incredible deal. With DrumCore 4 Prime you get thousands of grooves by top celebrity drummers and their multi-sampled drum sounds across a multitude of styles for what other products are charging for a few acoustic kits and MIDI beats. DrumCore audio loops also come in a set format, rather than being split across multiple formats as is common with most other loop libraries.

Will DrumCore 4 work in my 64-bit DAW?

Yes! DrumCore 4 is designed to work in 64-bit DAWs, like ProTools 11 and 12, Logic Pro X, and Ableton Live 9 (see System Requirements).

What is the quality of DrumCore content?

All of DrumCore 4's audio content is recorded at either 48k/24-bit, or down-sampled from 96k or 192k. All analog-to-digital and digital processing was performed with extra care. Distributed sync and the best converters available were used. The content was recorded in professionally designed private recording studios using a mixture of the latest state-of-the-art digital and analog equipment in addition to a large quantity of vintage equipment. A partial list of equipment used on many of the sessions includes:

  • SSL 9000 consoles
  • Pro Tools HD
  • Vintage and new mic preamps by Focusrite, API, Neve, and Millenia
  • Compressors made by Empirical Labs, Urei, Teletronix, Manley, DBX and Fairchild
  • EQ by Pultec (EQP1A) and others
  • Numerous vintage Neumann microphones (including the M50, U47 FET and tube), Coles ribbon microphones, and the AKG C24

Why didn't all my content download?
What are the eyeball and cloud icons?
Why don't you provide one single download for everything I own?

If you purchased DrumCore 4 Prime Flash or Ultra, you may use the content that comes with those editions on the drive you purchased it on, and skip this tip. If you purchased DrumCore 4 Prime Link or Lite, the content that is available to you for the edition that you purchased may not be available to you all at once. You will need to wait for it to download within the DrumCore 4 Browser, (or migrate it if you are upgrading from a previous version of DrumCore or KitCore - see the Migration and Installation Guide). The downloads for a file only happen while you're viewing that GrooveSet in the DrumCore 4 Browser. If you navigate away from that GrooveSet (to another GrooveSet or elsewhere) while it is downloading, it only finishes part of the GrooveSet it was downloading. Therefore, it is best to let DrumCore 4 finish downloading each GrooveSet one at a time.

Cloud Icons (Owned) and Eye Icons (Preview Unowned)

Cloud Icon: The content that you own a license to, but do not yet have on your system. If you are seeing a Cloud Icon, then the content is already downloading. There are a number of factors that will affect the download speed of the content, and whether or not it will download including, but not limited to, your computer's capabilities, how heavily Sonoma's servers are being accessed, how much space you have remaining where you are storing your DrumCore 4 Library (flash drive, external drive, or computer), and other factors. If you jump from GrooveSet to GrooveSet or elsewhere while it is downloading, then you are starting multiple downloads simultaneously. This increases DC4's odds of experiencing irregularities. Once a GrooveSet downloads, it will reside in your library, and you will not have to download again.

Eye Icon: You do not own a license to this content.* You can preview it by clicking the loop, and wait for the download arrow to appear. Click the Eye Icon and wait for it to turn into a play button. If you like the content that you are previewing, you can buy it, and it will automatically begin downloading. *Upgrade customers: If you previously purchased that content for DrumCore 2.5 or 3 or KitCore, you will need to migrate that content to DrumCore 4.

There is a ton of DrumCore 4 content, and we've found things work more smoothly with several smaller downloads, rather than one single download. As long as you follow the tips above, downloading should go very smoothly. If you don't want to wait for each GrooveSet to download individually, you may consider these other options we have made available:
1. Upgrade Customers: See Migration Information in the Installation and Migration Guide.
2. Buy a new or upgrade DrumCore Prime Flash or Ultra drive. U.S. shipping and select worldwide distributors only. Contact Sonoma Wire Works for more information.
3. Wait for the content to download one GrooveSet at a time as you need them. If you have trouble, please contact Sonoma Wire Works (include your DC4log and MigrationLog file from your Documents\DrumCore\Logs), and we'll be happy to help.

What is a GrooveSet?

A DrumCore 4 GrooveSet is a series of rhythmic loops (audio loops and/or MIDI loops) that have a cohesive feel to them. DrumCore 4 allows you to browse through the GrooveSets that you own in your content library, or preview and purchase new sets via the DrumCore store. The number of audio and/or MIDI loops varies for each GrooveSet. GrooveSets are $4.99 each when purchased separately in the DC4 store.

DrumCore Drum Kits are multi-velocity sampled drum kits, including many kits by the drummers featured on the DrumCore Bios page. Drum Kits are sold separately from GrooveSets in DrumCore 4's store for $4.99 each. Many Drum Kits are included in Lite, Prime and Ultra.

Save when you buy Prime or Ultra:

  • DC4 Prime ($249) bundles 160 GrooveSets and 100 Kits (260 x $4.99 = $1200 value)
  • DC4 Ultra ($639) bundles 265 GrooveSets and 139 Kits (404 x $4.99 = $2000 plus a $200 solid state drive = $2200 value)

Numbers are estimates and subject to change.

Can I use my MIDI controller to trigger DrumCore sounds?

Yes. DrumCore's kits are all mapped to the General MIDI Level 1 Percussion Key Map, but individual instrument MIDI note assignments can be changed in the Kit Editor, allowing you to create custom maps that work with your specific controller.

Why can't I make changes to the audio loops like I can in the MIDI kits?

The audio loops are stereo mixed files which cannot be separated into independent drum sounds.

Why are some of the audio loops red?

With tempo-stretchable audio loops, there is always a limit past which a loop will begin to sound unnatural. If the tempo of your project is beyond the natural range (both too fast and too slow) for a particular loop, the text beneath it will turn red, to let you know that playback might not sound right. For this reason, many of the audio loops in DrumCore were recorded at multiple tempos so that the audio can be stretched across a great range while still sounding perfectly natural, and audio loops that are closest to your project tempo will always deliver the most natural sound. Of course, there are always happy accidents, so when in doubt, let your ears guide you!

Why isn't DrumCore 4 appearing in my list of plug-ins?

Is your DAW on the DrumCore 4 compatible software list (see System Requirements)? DrumCore 4 is a 64-bit plug-in and requires a 64-bit host application. Make sure your DAW is 64-bit and is compatible with AAX, VST3, or AU plug-in formats.

My DAW is on the list of compatible software but I still don't see it. Where is it?

If you are on a Mac and your DAW can operate in both 32-bit and 64-bit mode, it may have opened in 32-bit by default. Open your Applications folder and right-click on your DAW's icon. Select "Get Info." There should be a check box marked "Open in 32-bit mode". Make sure this is unchecked and try reopening your DAW. If you still do not see DrumCore, you may want to rescan your plug-in directory. Consult manufacturer's info for your DAW for instructions on how to do this.

I'm dragging audio loops onto the instrument track, and they're not copying over, or if they are, I'm not getting any playback. Why?

Audio loops must be dragged into an audio track in order to be played. Create an audio track in your session and drag your audio loops into that track to hear playback. Instrument tracks will only work with MIDI information, as they are made to trigger the instrument loaded on them. You can drag MIDI loops to your instrument track, or write a MIDI sequence directly in a region in the track.

How many authorizations am I allowed with DrumCore 4?

An individual who purchases and registers DrumCore 4 may authorize it on up to two of their own computers. If you need to reset one of your two activations, please contact Sonoma Wire Works. The DrumCore 4 license agreement allows for one end user per license; only one original registered user per serial number may receive support. The license is non-transferable. Please consult the license agreement included in the product for the full details.

Are these drum recordings royalty-free? Can I use this in music I plan to release publicly?

Yes, owners of a license to DrumCore 4, and the content they are using in DrumCore 4, may use the content royalty free in their compositions. Please consult the license agreement included on the product for the full details.

How do I give credit to the drummer from DrumCore 4 in my song credits?

You are not obligated to give credit to the drummer. If you opt to give credit to the drummer in your album liner notes, or elsewhere, it must be clear that it was not created by the drummer directly for you. After the name of the artist, you must put Drums by DrumCore®, or whichever third party manufacturer produced the drums. Please consult the license agreement included on the product for the full details or contact Sonoma Wire Works.

Can content from KitCore 2, KitCore Deluxe, DrumCore 2.5, DrumCore 3 or DrumCore 3 Deluxe be migrated to DrumCore 4?

Yes, qualified upgrade customers will be provided with a tool to migrate previously purchased content to DrumCore 4. Those who qualify for, and purchase a DrumCore 4 upgrade will be given access to, and a license to use, the DrumCore 4 Content Migration Tool. This tool will migrate DrumCore 3, KitCore 2, DrummerPack and KitPack content, that you have a license to use, to DrumCore 4.

What about migrating content from DrumCore 2.5 or 3 to DrumCore 4 Lite?

Registered users of DrumCore 2.5 and DrumCore 3 cannot upgrade to DrumCore 4 Lite. The DrumCore 4 Lite Upgrade is only for KitCore 2 users. The upgrade path from DrumCore 2.5 and DrumCore 3 is only to DrumCore 4 Prime Link Upgrade, DrumCore 4 Prime Flash Upgrade or DrumCore 4 Ultra Upgrade. The only DrumCore 4 Lite users who will receive the content migration tool are registered KitCore users who purchase the DrumCore 4 Lite upgrade. To purchase an upgrade, go to the DrumCore 4 Upgrade Page. All upgrades are subject to review.

I want to upgrade from one DrumCore 4 product to another. How can I do this?

You can learn more about upgrade pricing on the DrumCore 4 upgrade page.

What is Sonoma Wire Works' return policy?

Sorry, software and add-on drum content cannot be returned or refunded.

Sonoma Wire Works has received critical acclaim for its complete line of products.


Sound On Sound Magazine, review by Tom Flint
Excerpts from Review: "At long last, DrumCore is 64-bit compatible and includes a virtual mixer and palette of effects and processors. It offers good sample layering and custom kit-building tools and includes a huge library of audio and MIDI loops created by many of the world's most famous and talented drummers, all stored on a 120GB USB SSD [...] For me and many others, the drummer libraries have always been the most attractive feature of DrumCore [...] Another nice feature of DrumCore is that it allows you to choose a set of MIDI patterns created by one drummer and have them played using the sampled kit of another. This means that, for example, a jazz kit could be used to play some heavy-metal MIDI sequences. If that doesn't work out, there are plenty of other combinations to audition and it only takes a menu click to do so [...] Having abandoned DrumCore to upgrade my PC from 32- to 64-bit, it's wonderful to be able to use its drummer libraries again. [...] Everything looks fresh and modern. Features like the mixer and its effects; the sample layer ADSRs; the Timeline panel; and the 120GB USB drive, are all nice improvements, and its comforting to know that Sonoma are committed to developing the product still further. While it has been in limbo, quite a number of new virtual drum instruments have appeared on the market, so competition is stiffer than ever, but most seem to focus on creating realistic virtual kits of particular eras and styles rather than providing the grooves of big-name drummers. This means that the loops and fills of DrumCore's drummers are still a valuable commodity, and I for one am very happy to be exploiting them again."



Beat Magazine, review by Kai Chonishvili
Translated from German and paraphrased by Sonoma: "The target group of DrumCore 4 remains unchanged, addressing songwriters, producers and composers who need a large drum library with many styles and uncomplicated direct access. Accordingly, the operation as with DrumCore 3 is kept very simple. The user selects a drummer, listens to the supplied GrooveSets, and simply drags the audio / MIDI loops into the DAW. From then on nothing stands in the way of the editing and the song arrangement. If the sound is not convincing, the user can not only exchange individual parts such as kick drums, ride pans, etc., but also the entire drum kit. Mixing is then carried out on the mixing console, which allows for fine tuning with effects...DrumCore 4 is a solid continuation of the drum program, including a gigantic (celebrity) library that sounds very good and is easy to use. Thanks to the high-quality sounds of the drum kits and loops, working with DrumCore 4 is a lot of fun."



Electronic Musician, review by Mike Levine
"DrumCore 4 is a major improvement over earlier versions in terms of user control, especially regarding its MIDI features, and it also brings the software into the 64-bit era...DrumCore 4 Prime is one of the best virtual-drummer products on the market and I highly recommend it." DrumCore 4.1 was shown at NAMM '17 with multi-out support, and will be released soon."



Recording Magazine, review by Gary Eskow
"Depth and breadth combine in this powerful rhythm creation software...DrumCore 4 offers a combination of audio loops, MIDI performances that replicate the audio content, drum kits, and effects. It's an approach that allows the user to interact with some of the finest drummers in the world."
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