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Liquid Grooves Groove Control

Liquid Grooves Groove Control

By Spectrasonics

CD-ROM Akai and Roland

$199 Akai

$199 Roland

$99 S.A.G.E. Xpander


The unique and inspiring grooves from the timeless library "Liquid Grooves" are now available in a Groove Control™ version. This revolutionary new method allows you to mix and match grooves in any tempo, and will even follow tempo changes from your sequencer!

Groove Control™ also allows you to easily change the pattern, feel and pitch of the rhythms to your music simply by using the MIDI editing capabilities of your sequencer. Imagine being able to tune the Wavedrum™ grooves to the key of your song in real-time, without the rhythm changing! You can also program your own original patterns and fills with the same sounds and mixes from this library!

If you're new to Liquid Grooves, this is the only version you will need. If you're a existing Liquid Grooves CD-ROM user, you can upgrade to the new Groove Control™ version.

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