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Vocal Planet

Vocal Planet

By Spectrasonics

Disc CD-ROM Set (groove control)
Akai and Roland

$399 Akai

$399 Roland


Birth of a new Masterpiece
The eagerly anticipated follow-up to Symphony of Voices is now available!

After four years of intense worldwide recording and editing, Vocal Planet presents a universe of exotic vocal sounds designed specifically for the creative producer and composer.

The Vocal Planet sample library is an epic Five Disc CD-ROM set produced by Eric Persing and Roby Duke, that features both multisamples and phrases that perfectly complement the Symphony of Voices collection, or it can be used entirely on its own. An awesome variety of over 12,000 samples of authentic male and female singers is presented in different keys, recorded dry for maximum flexibility. These are incredible one-of-a-kind sounds. Best of all, the samples have all been pre-cleared for your musical use without any additional licensing fees!

The Main Categories on Vocal Planet:

The world's only collection of Black Gospel Choir multisamples, shouts, hums, praises and phrases, Urban Youth Choir, Claps, Snaps and Stomping samples and loops, Worship Ambiences, Holy Spirit moaning, Children's Choir, Male and Female soloists and screamin' preachin' too!

Incredible Jazz vocal ensembles (ala Take-6) -multi-sampled doos, dahs, bahs, accents, sfz, bends and FX- Male and Female scat singers, Bass Vocal phrases and multisamples, Jazz Vocal Chords with intelligent voice leading! Authentic songs and stories

The otherworldly drones of the Tuvan throat singers (who can each sing multiple notes!), Colombian, Peruvian, Brazilian and Mariachi yelps, Native American chants, Rastafarian toasting, haunting Indian vocalizing, ethereal phrases, ancient sacred singing, Serbian and Middle Eastern wailing, Nordic folklore, Falsetto tenor melismas, Black Sea, Balkan, new Zulu chants, Bavarian and Country Yodelers, Saharan, Macedonian, Qawalli, Himalayan, Gaelic and Celtic folk songs and mouth music!

Greasy multisampled background licks available in Chromazones™, Soulful R&B phrases from the top LA singers, Doo-Woppers, Hip-hop and DJ boasts, scorching Dance hooks and shouts, "street corner" acappella groups and hundreds of human percussion grooves!

Wild mouth noises, Rock 'N Roll screamers, hambone loops, breathing, chaotic utterances, strange vowel drones, sfx, animalistic noises, thousands of vocal percussion samples, processed vocals, yells...... and much, much more!
The potential of the human voice is a limitless resource for expressing our deepest emotions through sound.
Vocal Planet is the ultimate way to "humanize" your tracks!

The Vocal Planet CD-ROM versions also include a Mac/Windows Data CD with our new Soundfinder system for quickly finding the right phrase, a key feature for this library since there is more than EIGHT HOURS of audio material in this product!
An extensive Groove Control™ section allows you to independently change the tempo, feel and key of more than 175 Human Percussion loops, right from your existing sequencer! A bonus Vocal Planet Rebirth mod is included too!

Sound on Sound 5 star review
"The last major work from Spectrasonics was Symphony Of Voices, a tour de force of choral multisamples and vocal phrases. It was a hard act to follow, but Vocal Planet (which perfectly compliments SOV) is, if anything, an even grander project, covering every vocal style from Tibetan throat singing to doo-wop....an impressive collection...including a very good black gospel choir...The blues sounds absolutely authentic and hails from genuine Mississippi delta blues men. There are enough atmospheric phrases to create complete blues songs, if you so wish. This is real "front porch" stuff, and goes far beyond "I woke up this morning"! The World disc contains some real gems, in particular a Himalayan girl singer...the Tuvan throat singers sound not unlike people who've swallowed didgeridoos...This is no ordinary set of samples. The amount of work that has gone into its creation is enormous, and meticulous standards have been maintained throughout. The '50s doo-wop vocal ensembles are wonderful, the ethnic examples haunting, and the blues so down and dirty that you can almost smell the sawdust. The sheer amount of material is breathtaking. Having said that, the price for so much material, is surprisingly modest. This has to be the Encyclopedia Britannica of vocal samples!"


Remix Magazine
"Vocal Planet is the hip urban cousin to Spectrasonics' acclaimed Symphony of Voices...an extremely thorough representation of the earth's vast vocal talent. The over 12,000 samples of blues, jazz, R&B, soul, gospel, hip-hop, spoken word, and unusual ethnic vocal sounds immediately catapult Vocal Planet into a category of it's own. That's more than eight hours worth of material, an impressive amount for any sample collection....Vocal Planet's ethnic elements should be well received. Beginning with the rare Tuvan throat singer's growling multiple-tone chants, and ending with a good old-fashioned country yodel, the "World Voices" disc packs in the exotic as well as beautiful performances perfect for creating exotic-sounding melodies or pads.....the recordings are noise-free and perfectly intonated...rhythmic loops in the form of beatbox and vocal sound grooves are a welcome addition, complete with Groove Control...One extra cool inclusion is the Vocal Planet Mod for Rebirth 2.0 software. The addition of this new mod with human beatbox and vocal drum sounds is a unique idea. Astute producers will find plenty in the breadth of Vocal Planet to run with, both in terms of recording quality and the time, money and hassle saved by grabbing a quick "Ohh Baby!" or "Can I get a witness?" With the increasing union restrictions and escalating costs of hiring vocalists for commercial sessions, the value of Vocal Planet becomes even more concrete. While it's no fun to spend valuable session time coaching a singer, it's getting even harder to pay them. Vocal Planet offers, quite literally, a world of alternatives."


EQ Magazine
"Spectrasonics has done it again! An amazing collection. Exquisitely recorded...Stunning audio quality...Tremendous variety and selection...The attention to detail is impressive with some sections making use of "Chromazones™" and "Groove Control™," two Spectrasonics innovations designed to help samples sound and feel more musical. The R&B disc makes great use of Chromazones™ to avoid the usual "munchkin" effect...the Jazz and African sections are powerful and sonically inspiring. Almost all samples are presented without effects or reverb, making it easy to add whatever special sauce you might need...the European section includes some lovely Celtic, Gaelic, Welsh, and Scandinavian phrases with both male and female vocalists. The vocal percussion loops and effects are ripe for dance tracks and would make great additions to any basic rhythm track the Jazz samples are out of this world, moving from haunting, free-form phrasing and scats to group multi-samples that swing and sway with such class they just beg you to use them. The Gospel samples are so full of passion they made me wish I'd gone to a church like this when I was growing up. The Combo Grooves section bops and bounces so hard that it has "play me now" burned into each and every one of them. Add in the included lyric and musical reference guides, Groove Control quick tips, and full manuals for each sampler, and I'd say you've got one of the most all-inclusive vocal libraries on the market. The five discs are just bursting at the seams with creative ideas, and when coupled with Spectrasonics Symphony Of Voices, you'll have access to just about any earth-based vocal style imaginable, all from the ease and comfort of your favorite sampler....a great value."


Sonic Control Magazine
"...Vocal Planet is packed with some gorgeous sounding and performing samples - it covers almost everything that I could have hoped for in a library that attempts to squash a worldwide representation of vocal performances and styles onto six CDs. I found the vast amount of material in this library to be stunning to say the least, although in the three months that I've had the opportunity to put Vocal Planet to work I doubt that I have discovered the musical uses for more than half of what I'll likely discover with it in the future....There's something here for everyone...the craftsmanship and quality of the material presented here should be applauded as a worthy sequel to compliment (but not replace) Symphony of Voices."


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