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Soprano Choir
Soprano Choir

Vienna’s excellence and innovation soar to new heights with this stunning Soprano Choir. The Vienna Symphonic Library held extensive castings to find 16 singers for Soprano Choir who could sing the soprano's whole tonal range, and also harmonically blend in with the group's overall sound. After several test recordings, the first vocal sessions took place at the Silent Stage. The most outstanding result of these sessions is the first ever sampled vocal Legato — the Soprano Choir's Legato Performance Patches for Vienna Instruments create the smoothest, most natural note transitions possible.

Requires the ViennaKey.

Standard Library $109
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Vienna Whistler
Soprano Choir

Marcus Schmidinger is the Vienna Whistler! VSL users might be already familiar with his name, as he performed on all of the horn instruments included in Vienna’s Brass I and Brass II Collections – both as a soloist (of the Viennese horn and the triple horn) as well as a member of the Horn ensemble on the popular Epic Horns.

The Vienna team has recorded a wide range of articulations, including single notes in various lengths (staccato, portato, looped sustains), with and without vibrato, legato performances, portamentos, repetitions and trills and even bends and falls. Anyone who has tried to whistle once might have noticed that an accurate performance and recording is not an easy task at all. Now simply select one of our performance patches within the Vienna Instruments (PRO) player and you’ll be impressed with the stunning proficiency and realism of Marcus’ great live performance!

Requires the ViennaKey.

Standard Library $63
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Vienna Key

The ViennaKey is a USB protection device by eLicenser (formerly Syncrosoft) and is required to run any of the Vienna products (including Instrument Collections, Special Editions, Single Instruments, and Vienna Symphonic Library software).

The ViennaKey is not included and must be purchased separately. If you already have another eLicenser USB protection device (e.g., from Steinberg or Arturia), you may use it for Vienna products, too. Otherwise we recommend ordering a ViennaKey together with your first Vienna Symphonic Library purchase.

ViennaKey $29



Vienna Symphonic Library - Instrument Reference Poster
Vienna Poster

This beautiful poster produced by the Vienna Symphonic Library will be a gorgeous, yet practical addition to your studio.



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