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At ILIO you’ll find everything you need to make music like a Virtual Instrument master. Whether you’re starting out or whether you’re a working professional musician, this is the place you’ll find the most incredible software instruments, sample CD-ROMS, sample libraries and even tools such as Vienna Suite and Vienna Ensemble Pro.

ILIO enables you to harness the power of technology in order to create musical masterpieces that would otherwise require a full orchestra or stage full of rockers. If you have an ear for music, and are itching to get inventive, we have the products for you. From your favorite Virtual Instrument to a sample library that will help you round off the perfect track, ILIO is the place that has it all. You might have a deep love for music and desire to create musical masterpieces that get people tapping their feet or you might be a creative artist who desires nothing more than to embrace freedom of expression.

Take a few moments to look around our site and you’re guaranteed to find something that will spark your interest.

Anyone with a love for making music, really. Our sample CD-ROMS, sample libraries, audio processing products (Vienna Suite, TH2) and various Virtual Instrument products (Omnisphere, Ivory II), are almost all you need to create an inspiring musical work. If you only have knowledge of one particular instrument and would like to put together a piece of music that requires many other instruments there’s bound to be something on the ILIO site for you. Similarly, if you’re a singer and would like to compose your own backtracks, the products on this website are ideal.

The great thing about using a sample library and Virtual Instrument is that you can take the concept of a “one-man-band” to a whole new level. These innovative computer programs give you an affordable way to create music from the comfort of your own home studio. Not everyone has thousands of dollars to invest in musical instruments, studio time and everything else that goes into making a good track. The products on the ILIO website offer you a simpler way to get started. Once you’re on your feet and have made some moves in the right direction, the rest will follow.

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"Thank you for being such a great company and offering the kind of services you are providing for your customers."
–Daroush Davoodi (David)

"ILIO's catalog is pristine and highly creative. The close relationships they share with many of the artists they represent, and often produce, are big factors in their success."
–Gary Eskow, composer and journalist


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