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Phat Fingers

Phat Fingers


CD-ROM Multi-Disc Set
Akai (Emu, Giga, Software Sampler compatible)
Includes Audio CD

$199 Akai

$99 CD-Audio

Lay Down the Hottest Licks!

Fast on the heels of Hot Steel Blues and Fingerstyles, Phat Fingers is the latest guitar tour de force produced by Dan Portis-Cathers. This collection delivers hundreds of funkified guitar and bass patterns, slides, and fills arranged into 30 song construction kits. The grooves are incredibly tight, some five or six parts deep, all tempo locked and tuned to the key of the song. Most songs consist of bass patterns, slides, fills, and some endings, guitar patterns, and occasional lead solos.

Laying your hands on these awesome riffs and licks, and relishing in how well they combine, is an experience you won't soon forget.

Tempos range from a very greasy 75 to a blisterning 160 BPM. The grooves are performed by famed axe wielder Shane Roberts, a funk and fusion fanatic who plays regularly with progressive guitar phenoms Stan Lassiter, Reggie Wooten, drummer Chester Thompson and sax player Jeff Coffin. Just imagine combining his riffs with Spectrasonics' Retro Funk or Backbeat drum libraries and a few licks from the Memphis Horns! Now that's an all star band!

By far the most ambitious in the Fingerstyles Series, this project includes a wide range of Funk and Fusion styles with influences from James Brown and Curtis Mayfield, P-Funk and Soul, to Reggae, New Jack Swing and edgy Rock/Funk Fusion a la Primus. Often hard driving, sometimes smooth and sexy, but always with a lot of phat and grease - if you need some attitude and style in your dance tracks, don't get caught without Phat Fingers.

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