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Sonic Reality

For over 10 years the team at Sonic Reality has been sampling, programming and developing sound libraries for a number of highly successful music companies and recording artists. You'll see their programmer's names on many critically acclaimed CD ROM sound libraries, keyboard products and hit records.

Interactive Drum Kits

Interactive Drum Kits

By Sonic Reality


$199 Akai

$199 Roland

You asked for it. Now it's here!

Over the years, weve had tons of requests for a straight-ahead drum disc - kits only, no loops. Well, the producers of this set have obliged with an aggressively purist approach to recording drums that expands the boundaries of conventional drum kit discs.

Interactive Drum Kits is part of Sonic Reality's Studio Collection, a series of multi-sample CD-ROMs dedicated to capturing the purity of the world's best studio instruments. Here, you get kicks, snares, toms, hats and cymbals, from the vintage Ludwig®, and Gretch® sets to new top of the line Pearl®, and Drum Workshop® kits. These are extremely realistic drums that you can wack from your keyboard or with your drum pad/triggers.

But it takes more than just a great drum kit to make a killer CD-ROM.It takes a seasoned performer to massage the best colors out of the instrument. That's why the producers enlisted the talents of session players Toss Panos (Toy Matinee) and Nick D'Virgilio (Tears For Fears, Genesis) to tune, balance and perform the kits.

One of the unique aspects of this collection is the assortment of interchangeable snare programs. Incredibly, they feature upwards of 20 to 50 hits per snare, from center, to edge, to rim! When you load a single snare menu program, you get all of the hits and nuances laid out for you, including drops, flams and ghost notes. It's almost impossible not to get a life-like track out of these drums.

If you're a producer, composer or remixer, this is one of those "sample staples" that belongs in your collection.

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