Sonic Reality

Sonic Reality

For over 10 years the team at Sonic Reality has been sampling, programming and developing sound libraries for a number of highly successful music companies and recording artists. You'll see their programmer's names on many critically acclaimed CD ROM sound libraries, keyboard products and hit records.

World Traveler

World Traveler

By Sonic Reality

Akai Universal (compatible with software samplers)

$199 Akai Universal

From the far corners of the globe comes one of the most diverse collections of ethnic instrument samples ever. World Traveler consists of rare playable multisampled instruments that can be used in many different styles of music. You’ll get a lot of instruments not available together on any other world instrument libraries, including sounds from the Middle East, the Mediterranean, Africa, East Asia, Australia, Native America, and Northern Europe.

This library features ethnic stringed instruments like a Greek Bouzouki, Turkish Saz, Indian Sitar and Tambura, Spanish Nylon Guitars, Russian Balalaika, Mariachi Bass, Finnish Kantele, Zither, Psaltry, Hurdy-Gurdy and Hammered Dulcimers including an Indian Santoor. But, that's just scratching the surface! World Traveler also has African, Latin and Exotic percussion maps, Accordions, Harmoniums and wind instruments like, Australian Didjeridoo, Native American Wood Flute, Pan Flutes and more instruments than we can list here! World Traveler is great for adding exotic textures and ethnic flavor to western music or for playing in authentic styles of music from around the world.

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