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Liquid Grooves

Liquid Grooves

By Spectrasonics

CD-ROM ( hits & grooves) Akai and Roland. Includes Audio CD

$199 Akai

$199 Roland

$99 S.A.G.E. Xpander

$99 Audio CD


Grooves that have existed only in your imagination. Fluid rhythms forged by a synthesis of propelling live drum grooves and unusual, organic percussion loops. The live elements, performed by some of L.A.'s most creative session players, have been transformed into a unique sonic texture via ground-breaking signal processing techniques and state of the art instruments such as the Korg Wavedrum™.

These highly-original grooves have lots of space and are presented in a Construction Kit format similar to the Supreme Beats collection. Many of the grooves are presented in both "Natural Acoustic" and "Hybrid Remix" versions for a new level of versatility.
If you've been frustrated at the lack of slow tempos on most loop discs, this is the library you've been searching for. Tempos start at a laid-back 52 BPM and go to a cruising 126 BPM.

The full-blown CD-ROM version is organized to make mixing and matching the individual elements effortless. It also includes more groove variations and remixes, as well as a library of over 450 single hits of Brush Drums, Percussion and Wavedrum sounds. The inclusion of the Audio CD with the CD-ROM makes the process of finding the groove you need faster than ever.

The liquid concept is two-fold : Sparse "hand-played" grooves that feel great, combined with a focus on uncharted sonic territory. An inspiring, one-of-a-kind library from producer Eric Persing.

5 stars Sound on Sound review
"Liquid Grooves really is a masterpiece of layering, effecting and processing...a hugely atmospheric feel...the rhythms are musically useful, and virtually all of them spark compositional ideas...By buying the CD-ROM version -which includes the Audio CD for quick referencing, all the elements of every full mix and remix are available individually to give the user maximum flexibility...Eric Persing at his creative best.."


Keyboard Magazine (rated Outstanding)
"..Truly inspiring...expertly performed and recorded, and the sound quality is uniformly excellent...The basic grooves are very interesting...The heavily effected versions are striking in their attitude and atmosphere...producer Eric Persing has outdone himself with creative processing...Although all of the loops start out as acoustic performances, by the time he has finished with the remix variations they're perfect for trip-hop, lo-fi, or acid jazz tracks...good use of the Korg Wavedrum; perfect for the other-worldly vibe of this disc...excellent velocity crossfading between the soft and louder hits on the CD-ROM version...Musical, grooving, clever ... Aw, these loops just plain sound great...played right in the pocket..the recording quality and performances are first-class...If these loops don't inspire you, hang it up."


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